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  • How much does MBO tailoring cost?
    Suits (2 piece) start at $1,050. Blazers start at $700. Trousers start at $350. Overcoats start at $895. Casual jacketing starts at $575. Shorts start at $195. Footwear starts at $400. And shirts start at $175. The price varies based on the fabric you choose. We can always find something within your budget - but we will steer you into the right choice based on what you need, not the price alone.
  • Where are MBO garments made?
    Our garments are made from a dedicated, highly skilled partner in Hong Kong. The fabrics we use are milled in the United Kingdom or Italy. We choose to manufacture in Hong Kong for a few reasons: · The reliability - you get your items on time; · The value for money, and; · Price vs quality - better than anywhere in the world.
  • What's the MBO ordering process?
    1. Book a Time With Us We love nothing more than pouring a drink at our studio, so please reach out to our team to organise an initial consultation and fitting with Tom and Danny. Depending on your needs and location, we are also happy to offer private in-home or in-office appointments. The team is here to take your time into consideration and make the experience as seamless and convenient as possible. 2. Design & Measure Our consultations require an hour with our team to ensure we help you to facilitate your vision. We’re here to listen to your ideas and help guide you through building a wardrobe that fits you perfectly and makes you feel your best. With endless combinations of fine European fabrics and the ability to select trimmings down to the button, the team works with you to produce truly unique and custom garments. Every garment is created to your individual pattern, which is measured during this fitting and cut by our head tailors. Getting dressed should never be a chore, and this part of the process is what begins to transform your wardrobe into something effortless and gratifying. 3. Try It On Our garments usually require 4 - 6 weeks to be designed, hand made and delivered to you in our studio. Once ready, you’ll be able to try on your new garments and if required, our team will look after any small adjustments that might need to be made (adding another 1-2 weeks to your order). You shouldn’t have to compromise on style or comfort, so our expert tailors and seamstresses (with over 30 years of experience) will work to make these changes as promptly as possible. The end result is always the same, ideal custom garments…and a little extra swagger. 4. Stay in Touch From everyday outfits to suits and evening wear, once we have your style choices and pattern stored on file, placing another order is simple and efficient. Stay in touch and become a friend...we always look after our people.
  • What are the MBO values?
    Design. This is 90% of our job. We work with you to understand the emotion behind your decisions to steer you down a considered path. Ask. We don't know the things we don't know... Get inspired. Work with us to create something new and become someone new. Collaborate. Big things can’t be done alone. We are here on the style-journey with you. Create. We don't fall in love with your creation. We make sure you do.
  • Why partner with MBO?
    We’re more than just tailors, we’re complete outfitters. Whether it's a suit for the office, fine evening-wear, a shirt to throw on with chinos or a casual blouson; we make it to your design and your fit. Just as subscription services are fast replacing free-to-air broadcasting and your phone now controls the car stereo, you should be able to craft your ideal wardrobe to your needs and tastes, not let it be dictated by retailers. Over time, we hope your relationship with our tailors evolves to be a trusted source of guidance to help harness your vision into a timelessly evolving collection.
  • How to care for your MBO garments
    Rotate Woollen suits are always going to be prone to wear. Ideally, they should be worn and rested as part of a rotation to minimise heavy wear. To get the best bang for buck from your suit, we recommend intermittent wear and perhaps a matching second pair of trousers. Hangers Where possible and convenient, always hang your jacket on our sturdy wooden hangers to retain the suit’s shape. If you’re out and about without a hanger, just use the loop on the inside of the jacket collar on the hook under the bar or in the car. To keep your pants looking crisp, undo the buttons and zipper and fold towards the back so the crease lines come together, then hang over the bottom rail of your hanger. Treat your suit well and it’ll always continue to make an impression. Pick The Right Fabric We have a selection of fabrics that range from ultra-fine merino to woolier flannels. While all are luxurious in their own right, some fabrics are more robust and lend to a longer lifespan. This is something that our tailors can discuss with you in your fitting to ensure you select an appropriately durable fabric. Dry Cleaning Take your suit to a reputable and well-recommended dry cleaner and sparingly! Over time, dry cleaning does contribute to the wear of cloth, so avoid taking your suit in more than two or three times a year. Carefully spot clean any dirt with a damp cloth or ask your dry cleaner for a localised treatment for oily stains. Feel free to contact us for any advice if you’re not sure about how to clean any of your garments. We’re here to help. For shirts, if machine washing, always use a cold setting (30 deg C or less) followed by air-drying while buttoned up on a hanger and finally, hand ironing. Do not put quality shirts in the dryer and avoid commercial cleaning and pressing. These processes can put excessive pressure on your garments and reduce their longevity.
  • Our returns & refunds policy
    Because each of our garments are tailored to a customer's specific requirements, returns cannot be accepted. The team is firmly committed to our clients' satisfaction with regards to the quality, design and fit of our garments. As a result, our team will only replace a garment should the original be deemed unsatisfactory at the discretion of management.
  • Cancellation Policy
    To cancel or reschedule, please contact the team at at least 24 hours in advance.
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